Monday, April 10, 2006

Paris is not just for lovers

Paris is also for girlfriends who love to indulge themselves and each other.

It seems unbelievable that E and I have yet to celebrate our first anniversary as what could only be called the best of friends. Born on opposite sides of the planet and raised under the most diverging circumstances, we grew up to share a common brain. From our fateful meeting over a horrible rendition of “God Bless America” dressed in our formal evening gowns, E and I have come to discover each of our eccentricities perfectly resonated in the other.

Over the past year, we built our friendship over a lot of eating, a fair bit of traveling, and a good deal of both while attending my friends’ weddings. With nine weddings lined up between last June and this December, it seemed that all my friends have decided to abandon the single life at the same time. Since J is out of town almost half of the year for work, E has graciously taken over the duty of escorting me to these events. Despite the public sentiment that weddings are boring affairs, E and I have enjoyed them tremendously. Once we had so much fun on the dance floor we missed half of our dinner and dessert! In a short year, our travels have taken us from Hong Kong, to Singapore, and now to Paris. While I wish I had met my blond friend many years earlier, I have a feeling that we will make up for lost time and then some.

Nothing like a little bubbly to start the day right.

A little snack with wine is the perfect rejuvenator in the afternoon.

A multi-course meal is all but mandatory to end the day.