Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Post #410: No name, but don't fear - Restaurant: Abaee Noodle

There is no english name on the outside and the shopping stripe doesn't even directly face the road. But the at the very far end of the stripe is worth the effort of seeking it out.

Abaee specializes in Korean Sausage, really just a nice way of calling a blood flavored sausage. It's not all blood of course. The majority of the stuffing is actually clear noodle, onions, and spices. The blood simple binds, adds color, and imparts a mineral flavor. Try it without thinking things over and you'll probably like it.

The sausages go into everything from platters (seen above), spicy soups, and stir fries. If you are fearful of the taste, stir fried with kimchee is most definitely the way to go. Everything from the bright colors and spicy/sweet taste is appealing. Also try the kimchee mandoo here. It's a thin skinned type that is full of stuffing and very well seasoned.

Abaee Noodle
2476 Pleasant Hill Rd., Duluth, GA, 30096
(770) 817-0906