Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A month of food - how to begin

So I've disappeared off the face of the planet (okay, maybe just the blogsphere) for the last month. Am I sorry for having neglected my poor blog as another more conscientious blogger would feel? Well, no! I had a fantastic time away from everything!

For starters, I ate my way across the island of Oahu. How amazing is it to be served some of the best and most ingeniously prepared seafood in a beautiful setting while playing footsie under the table in your flip flops! Ahhh... island life. I have been made weak and lazy by the blue sky and turquoise ocean. Too weak to be back at work again and too lazy to write a large first return post. For now, feast your eyes on a few pictures of one of our dinners. Just to give you an idea of some of the exciting dishes that I got to try, the seared foie in the second picture is stacked on top of a piece of uber fresh tuna that was also lightly seared to achieve an amazingly similar texture to the foie!

Stay tuned, I'll be back with more pictures and better verbiage... when I get myself fully integrated back into my real life.

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