Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eating like the Irish for a day - Restaurant: Brick Store

The bar may not be Irish, but one day a year, the Brick Store serves up some terrific Irish fare to help soak up the excess beer. This past Monday, there was a very savory, but not too salty corned beef accompanied by a nutty and dense dark bread.
There was also a rather sorry but perhaps authentic looking lamb stew that tasted much much better than it appeared, especially when mopped up with the dark bread.There was also a roast beef sandwich with a hidden layer of sweet relish, adding welcoming contrast to the sharp Irish cheddar.

But most of all, there was what's arguably the best beer list in all of Atlanta. The main bar downstairs serves up 17 draghts and 75 bottles, while my favorite Belgium bar upstairs keeps 8 draghts and 120 Belgian style bottles in rotation. On days when I don't feel like beer, there is even a very respectable wine list to keep me happy. The only thing that this great pub didn't have and hopefully will never have is green beer.

Brick Store

Decatur Square
125 E. Court Square
Decatur, GA 30030


Anonymous said...

Hey girl, it's AK. Now I wish I had gotten over my jet lag and made it to St. Patty's at Brickstore. Alas, I'm old. And I really like corned beef! By the way, was the brown bread Irish Soda Bread? It's apparently the an Irishman's carb of choice to sop up yummy lamb stew.


I've heard about it often, but never (at least knowingly) tried it.

Cathy said...

We certainly missed you :) We'll be there again soon and will let you know.

I don't think we got any soda bread. The dark loaf was much lighter in texture.