Monday, October 06, 2008

Highlight #99: Jujube

The Chinese red dates or jujubes are in season now. Of course, these fresh ones look nothing like the dried red dates that are always present in the various Chinese health soups. The fresh ones destined to be eaten as fruits are picked much earlier than its siblings meant for drying. Those are left on the trees until fully ripen and red all through.

These spotted fresh ones are a bit spongy and slightly sweet. It's not the most attract fruit in either taste or appearance, but it's fibrous enough to be a great detoxing agent. :) I grew up with a dad who loves them because he had a tree in the back yard on which he played and ate as a child. So we both grew up associating love and fun with them and end up being lovers of these rather bland fruits. Such is nostalgia.

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