Thursday, July 27, 2006

A new chapter

I will be a lot more busy in the coming months. There, I've finally said it out loud. I have avoided thinking about how life is going to be when the much heavier work load arrives at my door, but a girl could only put off planning for so long. There is no changing reality. What must be will be. Never being one to surrender happiness, I woke up this morning with renewed determination to live vibrantly and do what I love in my soon to be much limited free time. If it means I have to plan much better, well I will.

First things first, I have to learn how to plan my cooking ahead of time. To practice, I decided to devise a few simple weeknight dishes that I could throw together easily. The first dish that I came up with is a pizza. No, I don't plan to take out. It will take a lot more than work to make me surrender to takeout pizza on a regular basis. This one involves mixing up a quick Parmesan and remano quick bake thin crust. Some homemade pizza sauce from frozen, a good handful of drained spinach, and some Pepperoni. The result is as good to look at as it is to eat. Hmm... Maybe I will learn to love this quick cooking thing. We'll see.

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sarah said...

oh girlfreind, quick cooking is awesome - and it's fun to think of it as a challenge. there is nothing i love more than spending a lazy sunday afternoon cooking a huge, complicated meal, but the reality is - right. it just makes you appreciate those times you DO get to spend five hours in the kitchen.

now quick, put rachael ray to shame...