Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Guilty pleasure

I try to stay away from the commercial stuff with ingredients that I can't pronounce as much as possible. But a girl's gotta have a few guilty pleasures. Ketchup is definitely one for me. Since I wasn't fed this stuff growing up, it's most certainly an acquired addiction. I can still remember the first time trying it in my school cafeteria at the ripe old age of 12. I gagged and decided that Americans are stupid for liking such gross condiment on their very bland and soggy fried potato (they were supposed to be fries). I guess my tastes have Americanize since then. Now I crave this stuff in my cocktail sauce, on my eggs, and yes, atop my very homemade spinach quiche. I suppose this reduces my status as a proper foodie in the eyes of many. Or maybe all of you out there also have very unfoodie-like additions that you secretly indulge behind closed doors. For now, I am relieved in my exposure.

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