Monday, February 12, 2007

Amore! Amore!

Heart racing, I could barely contain my excitement driving to the airport to pick up J, who has been away in Vegas for the week. Cute right? After ten years of knowing this man, I still get all flustered to see him. Well, I hope that's what he was thinking. Although I have a strong suspicion that he knew I was rushing to the airport to get my little hands on that adorable box peeking out of his carry on.

After the welcome back kiss, a bit of chitchat in the car, J finally couldn't take my not so subtle glances at his bag anymore and said "oh, go ahead, open it!" Music to my ears!

Inside the elegant Bouchon box, nested among white tissue papers were these colorful beauties in my favorite flavors of chocolate, raspberry, and lemon. Careful not to crash the delicate morsels, I picked up a raspberry one and took a bite. Slightly flaky on the outside and pleasantly toothsome at the center with a jolt of fresh raspberry flavor. Pure amore.

Through dreamy eyes I saw J smiling mischievously behind the steering wheel. I know he is in love too, in love with open spaces around us and the feeling of that slight pull when his favorite car grips a curve in the road. It's amazing how different things make each of us feel loved and positively giddy. Because of that difference, it's even more precious when one goes out of his way in a busy day (and endure lining up for half an hour behind 10 loud women who couldn't decide on what flavor macarons to get) to bring that giddiness out in you.

"Monkey, you did good," I said.
"So the little one likes," he smiles.
"Yes, she likes."

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