Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lavender in my mimosa and pickled egg in my salad

That about sums up my brunch at Shaun's.

Was it good? Well, it's really not bad. So what's the problem? Hmm, maybe I just don't like too many surprises on a lazy Sunday morning. Maybe I just want to sip a tall glass of vigorous bubbles and taste a fresh jolt of OJ without also getting a whiff of a country club powder room. Maybe I just want a fresh plate of greens with a zesty springy dressing without also being reminded of those scary jars of pickled eggs lining the counter of some forgotten truck stop. Then again, maybe it's just me.

Both the lavender mimosa and the pickled egg, when evaluated individually, were much unlike their comparisons mentioned above. The lavender was light, with no hint of talcum. The pickled egg tasted of complex balsamic, with no hit of pig's knuckles (is that what's often in those same truck stop jars?) So, if you are out looking for something different for your brunch and look at some pulled-together people, Shaun's may just be the place for you. For me, the whole lot took me too far from that ideal brunch eaten swaddled in my J's big big robe and bathed in the warm spring sun on the daybed in my imaginary sun room. Until I have that, I guess I'd still be out looking for the next closest thing.

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