Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daily highlight #92: Popcorn, take one, take two - The Porter

For me, Shaun's holds the golden standard for many things. Just off the top of my head, it's my go to place for duck fat fries, fluffy yet crispy fish & chips, and sinful chicken liver fettuccine. But last week, in a head to head bar snack contest, a new comer defeated Shaun's curry popcorn (above) by a good mile.

This new comer does not bill itself as a relaxed yet classy dining spot in the same category as Shaun's. In fact, it's anything but. What we are talking about here is a beer pub, a beer pub with bar snacks. And snack we did. The salt and vinegar popcorn caught our eyes and we ended up with a big Sunday afternoon TV marathon watching bowlful. The salt was rather muted, but the vinegar, oh boy, the vinegar in its pulverized powder form, just went straight up the nose. Like a great bag of wasabi peas, the burn just drove me right back into the bowl handful after handful. Awesome stuff!

The Porter
1156 Euclid Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307

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