Tuesday, September 30, 2008

highlight #96: More than just pizza - Restaurant: Fritti

There is one place J and I go more than any other, especially when we can't or don't want to think of a place to go. That place is Fritti.

Five minutes from our loft, there is something here to satisfy every one of our needs. Besides the superior neopolitan pizza, there are great salads for when we feel like detoxing, but even more than that there is one of the most overlooked yet great scallop dishes (cape sante) around.

Four dollars cheaper than its counterpart at sister restaurant Sotto Sotto, this ten dollar dish is by no means less impressive. Perfectly grilled to preserved the tender sweet center but charred enough to obtain wonderful caramelized flavor on the outside, this is the perfect treat either as a starter leading up to pizza or as a very light meal. The wine list at Fritti is also quite similar to that of Sotto Sotto, which puts it head and shoulders above other pizza places. Best of all, we can always walk in and get a seat. Now that's place to go back to.

309 N. Highland Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30307

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