Friday, April 17, 2009

Highlight #165: Not a looker, but tastes great - Restaurant: Old Vinings Inn

I have seriously neglected this blog in the last week and half. But when every long day this week has been spent writing a brief and citing cases, it's very hard to squeeze out extra time for more writing. So before I get to more on Shanghai and Beijing, which requires much more effort, I'll just put in a word for the Old Vinings Inn.

J and I popped by for a very late brunch last week because Canoe, which J originally wanted to go to was not open on Saturday. I have only eaten here once before at night, when the old house was under the cover of darkness. In bright day light, it's really showing its age. Everything creaked a little inside and the bathroom fixture looked seriously dated.

I was starving at 2pm and immediately got hooked on the meatloaf. Expecting a more traditional ketchup topped loaf, the onion gravy drenched mass of food totally took me by surprise. It didn't look all that great in its shades of brown. But looks can be deceiving. This turned out to be one darn good meatloaf, admittedly very different from the traditional. The loaf itself was very loose, which provided just the right soaking forum for the tasty gravy. Just slightly sweet, the onion note of the gravy is very strong, but in a desirable way. I fed some to J to ensure that the we'd both smell the same later.

Old Vinings Inn
3011 Paces Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30339

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jojo said...

I work in walking distance from the Old Vinings Inn and have always wondered how great the food is - thanks for the blog I will now have to give it a try!