Thursday, April 30, 2009

Highlight #169: Slightly ugly food - Restaurant: Terra Terroir

Most of the time when someone suggests a restaurant to try here in Atlanta, I have at least heard of it. But not this time. G and A wanted to meet up on Terra Terroir's back patio and I drew a blank. A google search pulled up a restaurant in Brookheaven, an area I don't venture into very often.

When we drove to the address, we found a stripe mall with no back patio worthy property in sight. I did, however, spot the restaurant sign next to a Raid Aid.

After checking in, we were indeed led to a sizable back patio complete with a waterfall as a centerpiece. It was quite the stunning setting considering the facade. How they managed to do this on the backside of a stripe mall is quite intriguing.

The patio was not entirely full on this warm Friday evening, but it still took about a sold fifteen minutes for us to get our first drink. That pace of service continued throughout the night and no one at the other tables seemed to notice, so maybe it's just me and my quickened heart beat from my sped up work schedule.

G and A weren't that hungry, so we shared only a single appetizer. When the above grilled mushroom was dropped off without a word of explanation quite a while after ordering, I almost didn't recognize it. It was, well, slightly ugly in the dark gray sauce. We had no individual plates for our own portions, so resorted to hacking up the large caps on the main plate. It was not a pretty scene, but the taste was surprisingly okay. A little acidic and sweet from balsamic vinegar and a little musky in a good mushroomy way.

A heard that their buffalo meatloaf is the most popular item on the menu, so us girls decided to share it. Again, it arrived very unadorned, but actually photoed much better with my camera's flash than it looked in person in the fading light. The loaf was super loose and began to fall apart as soon as we tried to cut it. The flavor was mild but pleasantly seasoned with just a hint of sweetness. For a meatloaf it was very light to eat and we finished everything. However, I couldn't identify any distinct buffalo or beef flavor.

We were recommended the bread pudding as dessert. This was really meh. I can't recall anything about the taste other than that it was somewhat warm when served.

J was on a chocolate roll, so we also ordered this cake, which was a bit dry.

Terra Terroir
3974 Peachtree Rd.
Atlanta, 30319

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Stan said...

I had a similar experience & will never go back. Your description was right on! I can't believe they are still in business.