Thursday, December 03, 2009

Highlight #264: We ate Paris (Part II) - Patisserie: Pierre Herme

There is beauty abound in Paris, especially at night. I particularly enjoy going to the Louvre on Wednesday night, when it opens until 10pm. The crowd is much thinner and the lights are amazing.

It's not often one gets to take a photo of the glass pyramid without a line in front of it.

It's also nice to linger in the halls at will.

But beauty does not only exist in the museums. It hides inside discrete doorways too.

While all of this dizzying display at Pierre Herme may throw some off their tracks, I was determined.

I came all the way across the ocean only for these! My beloved macaroons! Look how the chestnut pair flecked with gold shimmer in the back!

Robust yet delicate, the chestnut macaroon hides a little secret, a candied piece of chestnut, one of my favorite French Christmas candies.

Of course, I had to get my beloved pistachio. So sweet, so tender, so adorable! I wait years for these between visits!

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