Thursday, February 18, 2010

Highlight #282: Better late than never - Happy Lunar New Year

Nothing beats home food during Chinese New Year. A little snow in the yard didn't hurt either. As the Chinese saying goes "a good snow shower foretells a bountiful year." Let's hope so.
Mom cooked so I brought along some champagne and a box of dried persimmons, her favorite. With nothing added, these natural "gummy bears" (coined by my friend Erica) are delightfully sweet, chewy, and healthy.
Mom, who loves to invent new dishes, created her own five spice flavored bean curd in the oven. It had a really lovely nuttiness and deep five spice flavor.
My travels continued on New Years day. In between meetings, we caught a break to dine on some extremely excellent Shan Dong dumplings at the appropriately named Shan Dong in the Oakland, Ca Chinatown. The northern Shan Dong folks, unlike the perfectionist southerners, prefer their food filling and less manipulated. As such, these dumplings are gigantic and not at all meticulously constructed (in comparison to those made by my guests during my last dumpling party here or these at Ding Tai Feng here.)
But boy was the pork and cabbage filling juicy. Even the thick dough was baby bottom soft and faintly sweet. We couldn't help but stuff our faces! What a way to start the year!

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