Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Highlight #283: When all things fail, there is Bo Yang Tang

I am by no means health obsessed, but it is a fact that I NEVER get sick. I can't remember catching a cold in recent years. My mother confirmed that I've actually never had the flu or gotten sick enough to go to the hospital. Even when hubby came back from China and spread a nasty cold to all his employees, from the tall and strong to the fit and lean, I remained just fine.

J, however, is not as lucky. Work stress and constant travel bring him down sometimes. During his most recent cold, my homemade chicken soup just didn't quite go far enough. So on the second night of the lingering chill, I took him to eat Bo Yang Tang.

Normally, hubby's heaty body type makes black goat meat, one of the most extreme on the Chinese heat scale, unsuitable to consume (he breaks out almost immediately upon consumption). But this time his cold had all the signs (cold sweat, lingering cough, etc.) of what the Chinese call depleted heat. So for once, he was ready for Bo Yang Tang.

Bubbling hot in its stone pot and full of potent ripe green onions, slices of black goat meat, black mustard seeds and spices, the steamy Bo Yang Tang got J sweating within minutes. J particularly enjoyed the plentiful tender goat slices. By the time we left the restaurant, J felt well enough to sing in the car.

I on the other hand needed something a little more mild that night and there was nothing more perfect than gingseng chicken, an unseasoned hot pot in which a whole smallish chicken stuffed with rice and jujube is cooked in a gingseng base. Liking things less salty than normal Korean level, I am very happy to play with the salt on the side. I felt healthy just smelling this.

There aren't too many places around Atlanta serving both of these dishes, so we are very happy to have this dependable one to go to despite the longish drive.

Bang Ga Nae
3312 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suite B
Duluth, GA 30096
(678) 417-7769

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