Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Post #413: A meal of parts - Busy Bee Cafe

To live the full Atlanta experience means to sometime explore the parts of town that are not so like every other city. Many of these parts are just minutes from the comfort zone, like the stretch of older Atlanta where Busy Bee sits. At 11:30, the little cafe is quiet and empty. But half an hour later, the line is out the door.

If you don't immediately recognize the main course, it's because it is not something that gets on most menus anymore if it ever did. That's also why my eyes were quickly drawn to it. Not so easy on the eye, the grey pork neck bone blocks took some work, but were immensely satisfying once my fingers were all coated with pork fat and all the crevices had been picked clean.

Fox Bro still has the best banana pudding, but this is honestly made and everything I expected.

The sweet potato pie is the more fluffy and slightly less sweet type. It goes down quite a lot easier than some of the denser ones that tend to accumulate a sheen of oil on top.

Definitely come early and watch the place come to life.

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