Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Post #415: Starting on Japan- Kyubey

I had a few days in Tokyo on my own before heading to Hokkaido. It has been quite awhile since my last solo international trip, so I was quite excited to eat whatever I wanted at exactly when I wanted. For my first meal, I didn't have to go far. Hotel Okura where I stayed had a branch of Kyubey, which some Japanese consider the best traditional sushi in Tokyo.
With sushi this fresh, even bad lighting can't hide the glistening. This is just the standard set, but already satisfying enough.

These look like little scallops, but are in fact bits of clam. Very sweet and chewy.
This piece with garlic paste changed my whole thinking on no strong flavors with sushi. It was so yummy!
Best bites of the evening these were. Eel with and without the house made sauce gave a great side by side comparison. My preference here was for the non-sauced one with just a bit of salt on top. This preference was proven true again when my husband and I ate eel rice as our last meal in Japan. Somehow the sauce changes the texture of the eel into a more firm state in addition to flavor.

To me, sushi is first and foremost about the fresh fish, but the rice texture and quality comes at a close second. At Kyubey, the rice is on the softer side and slightly less assertive. When I post about sushi Kenesaka later, you should be able to see the difference visually.

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