Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Post #418: Hello Hokkaido!

Hokkaido is the second largest island of Japan and the nation's number one supplier of agricultural products. It is also insanely beautiful, boasting 22% of the entire country's forestry. Our 8 day GPS and satellite phone guided trip through the eastern parts of the island took us into hills of pink moss, fields of tulips, and miles and miles of pastures populated by happy cows.

We also filled our stomachs with loads of fresh veggies that would be exorbitantly priced elsewhere, even in Tokyo as I found out during my four day stay there. These irredecent purple eggplants were my absolute favorites lightly pickled and eaten with slightly sweet sake.

While this is not Kobe, there were plenty of wagyu beef for the having (number 1 producer of cows and dairy). The preferred method of eating is charcoal grilled. Look at that beautiful marbling!!
We were given a ball of beef fat with which to oil the grill, but really there was no need. The meat itself just melted and seared beautifully on the hot grill. This is not a steak to eat by the slabs. It's simply too rich for that, but in small mouthfuls, it's juice squirting heavenly. Our entire meal at the this log cabin restaurant called Bibi's included four orders of meats of various cuts and fat levels plus sake came up to only $100. Now that's value for money!

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