Thursday, November 20, 2008

highlight #114: thick stuff - Restaurant: Pure Taqueria

I just had to retype this post because Blogger ate my words...

J and I tend to "happen" upon food on our aimless Sunday drives. It sounds funny, but being behind the wheel comforts him and looking out of the window relaxes me. So it's on one of these recent drives that we happened upon Pure Taqueria.

Thick can be used to describe most items of our meal. My fish tacos were battered too thickly and seemed to have been fried before I got there. The slaw that smothered the fish had been pverdressed and were topped with yet another dollop of thick thousand island type sauce.

J's chicken and cheese quesadillas turned out to be thick skinned turnovers. The white meat chicken pieces were plentiful, but not so flavorful.

In this sort of depressing economy, it's nice to see big plates, taste strong margaritas, and soak in the cheerful fun vibe. But for real taste and value, I'd still drive over to Buford Highway.

Pure Taqueria
103 Roswell St.
Alpharetta, GA 30009

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