Monday, November 17, 2008

Highlight #113: Birthday feasting (Part V) - Restaurant: Legal Seafood

It's a beautiful thing when people at work enjoy each other enough to share meals voluntarily, so I was quite grateful to accept an invitation to lunch with a few colleagues for my birthday. The venue was the downtown new comer Legal Seafood, which is famed for its clam chowder.

Everyone but me ordered the chowder to start. I don't dislike the chowder, but having already tried and liked it at the Taste of Atlanta event a month ago, I wanted to try something different. Instead, I ordered the fried clams. If nothing else, Legal Seafood does not cheat on the freshness of the sea creatures. Perfectly plump, the clams burst in my mouth spilling warm and briny juices that complimented the salty and crunchy crust. A lusty bite, for lack of a more refined description.

I have suffered long from an unsatisfied craving for Pearl Oyster Bar's indulgent lobster roll and immediately jumped at the opportunity to order one. As you can see, there was no shortage of lobster chunks in this sandwich and the roll was of the correct toasted hot dog type. Unfortunately, perfection was lost in the overabundance of mayo and the under participation of salt. I know I could have added some myself, but it's never the same as correctly seasoned food from the start.

We finished the meal with Boston creme pie, which was less pie and more mousse. Name aside, it was pleasurable creamy and well shy of heavy. I saw myself coming back here if only for the freshness of the seafood. Sometimes that's all seafood needs.

Legal Seafood
275 Baker St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30313

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