Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Highlight #116: Getting in the mood - Bakery: Breadwinner

I have always known about this local bakery called Breadwinner, but have never got around to make a trip there. Lucky for me, some mystery vendor for the firm delivered a loaf of pumpkin bread to the office just in time for Thanksgiving. Let me tell you, this loaf was great. Dense and incredibly moist from loads of butter (holiday calories don't count :)), the pumpkin flavor ran deep. What really got me was a lingering smoked sweet spice flavor that made me all toasty and warm inside.

I no longer roast turkey on Thanksgiving day, so to scratch my roasting itch, I roasted a salt and pepper chicken this past Sunday. It's amazing how delicious just salt and pepper can make a chicken. The key is simply to do both a bit more aggressively than you'd think necessary. And if possible, to let the coated chicken sit in the fridge for a day or so a la the Zuni cookbook. It does wonders.

Now the reason I don't roast turkey is because three years ago I started a new tradition of ordering Greenberg's smoked turkey for Thanksgiving. If you haven't tried it, this stuff is awesome! Incredibly well seasoned and lightly smoky, it's as good the first day as the last day when I toss the carcass into the soup pot. They offer everything from baby 6 pounders up to 25 pound heavy weights. This year, I got the baby for just the four of us. Having the turkey out of the way takes so much of the stress out of Thanksgiving cooking and allows me to focus on my favorite sides.

175 Mt. Vernon Hwy., NE
Ste. E (lower level)
Atlanta, GA 30328

Greenberg Smoked Turkey, Inc.

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