Monday, March 02, 2009

Highlight #150: Mom's idea of casual Friday night dinner for four

So this is my mom's idea of what a casual Friday night dinner looks like for four people. I would have felt better about my nightly two dishes if my mom has been the spend-all-day-cooking housewife. But, no, she has done this through all the years she work full time. Sometimes I wish someone would just set a low bar for me, for once!


Chloe said...

My mom is exactly the same way. A typical soup dinner to her includes 3 types of soup with huge slabs of meat served with 3 types of grilled meats. All done on a regular weekday. She also cooked for us everyday (twice a day at most) when we were growing up which is why I never eat leftovers to this day. Our mom rocks!!!

Cathy said...

Wow, you mom sounds amazing! Unfortunately, I spent most of my childhood away from my mom at boarding school, so didn't get to eat her cooking all the time. But it's still awesome to have her back in my life now. :)