Sunday, March 15, 2009

Highlight #156: First crawfish boil of the season!

There was not a single ray of sunlight, it was too cold and wet to hang out outside, and I was too tired of having worked 7 hours by noon on a Saturday, but was I going to turn down the season's first crawfish boil? HELL NO!
Despite being busy with two little ones, C can't help but let her Louisiana instincts take over when the crawfish are fat enough to boil. She threw the most fun and casual boiling event, even when they newspaper had to be laid out inside the kitchen. These were still quite a bit smaller than the chubby ones she boiled up last year later in the season, but they were still plenty tasty. I peeled and sucked until my fingers and mouth hurt and my belly stuck out. Unlike with most other food, I can't stop eating these! I already can't wait for the next round later in the spring.

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