Sunday, May 03, 2009

Highlight #170: the hype is not wrong - Restaurant: Flip

We have a lot of friends who love food. When one comes to town, we try to share what we really enjoy here. But once in awhile, our friends arrive already with destinations in mind. This time, M and U expressed in no uncertain terms that they'd like to brunch at Flip, a place I have yet to try due to my general dislike for waiting in line, something I have seen outside of flip the few times I passed by. Luckily, at 11am, getting seated was a breeze. And the food more than lived up to the hype.

Before the burgers, we comforted our sweet tooth with milkshakes. My foie gras shake didn't sound exactly delicious to our visitors, but they were happy to try it. The foie flavor was not all that intense. Only when one swallows does a slightly livery flavor lingers behind. I liked it just fine, but it was totally beat out by J's nutella shake.

For one, his shake was at least 15% thicker than mine and almost felt like eating a soft serve. The nutella flavor was super intense and I loved dipping the caramelized marshmallows into the creamy shake.

For the main attraction, I asked for the Philly, primarily because I wanted to check out the cheese whiz. I had forgotten that many had said that the size of the burger leans towards the small. when it first came out, I though "slider" then quickly realized that it's the perfect package for this nibbler. As for cheese whiz, I got PLENTY! In fact, it was piled so high on my burger, I made a huge mess trying to securely put on the top half of the bun.

As asked, this was a medium rare patty and super rich from the tremendous addition of cheese whiz. I liked the slight sweetness of the peppers and the bun's medium density.

On the side, I got what a friend recommended, fried okras. Just as she described, these were tender little okras encased in a very crunchy tempura batter. It was very impressive that the the outer shells stayed crunchy until the very end of the meal.

1587 Howell Mill Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 343-1609


Matt Freedman said...


Did you eat at the Swan Coach House last week? My gf ate lunch there on Friday and she said there was this sorta strange Asiatic lady taking pictures of her food...


Cathy said...

I've never eaten at Swan Coach House. And it's pretty hard to miss the fact that I am full on Asian. :) I am not sure how strange I am, but that's not up to me to say.