Monday, July 27, 2009

Highlight #197: Second breakfast - Restaurant: Ria's Blue Bird

I don't know about you, but this nibbler needs to nibble immediately after rolling out of bed. So when I make plans to meet friends for breakfast, I am really just arranging to eat for a second time in the AM, which, during the weekend, is perfectly acceptable. :)

My first at home breakfast was sweet from honey, so when I got to Ria's, I was ready for salty. Our server never told us about the brunch special, but because I happened to check the website before our 9:30 meet up, I asked for the lamb Benedict special and a biscuit as my side. At first, I was a little disappoint that there were no English muffin bottoms, which I love. When I heard potato cakes, I thought hash brown. I know many out there love hash brown, but it's just not my thing. But no, what I got were pan fried cakes of creamy mashed potato! Now, that's cool. :) Above that, there were the plentiful tender lamb slices, savory from a light pan gravy. Everything really hit the salt spot. The only less than stellar component of this plate was the biscuit. Perhaps my standard rose dramatically since the excellent biscuits I've recently indulged in on our trips to Charleston and Asheville, but this one was just not flaky or fluffy. Then again, I had more than enough food to keep me happy.

Ria's Blue Bird
421 Memorial Dr SE
Atlanta, GA 30312

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