Thursday, July 30, 2009

Highlight #198: Thick and fluffy - Bakery: Alpine Bakery

I try my hardest to avoid going OTP during rush hour, but sometimes I fail. After my necessary errand, rather than rejoining the traffic to come back to town, I took a detour to visit Alpine bakery, a place I heard many good things about.

Because most things I heard in connection with the bakery involved some kind of bread, I was surprised to find primarily cakes and pastries on offer. The selection of bread was restricted to a basket set on top of the large display case showing off some pretty tantalizing looking cakes. I picked out a medium sized garlic loaf and asked it sliced (I like to freeze my bread sliced for easy toasting through the week). Rather than using a machine, the guy serving me took a knife to it and gave me hefty slices. Nice!

Rather than the crusty and holey type I was expecting, I found fluffy and squishy slices. With a little toasting, the first slice was perfect for easy spreading. I am thinking this would be great for a artisanal twist on the classic soft tomato sandwich. I bet it'd press well for pan toasted sandwiches too. An idea that I should test out soon.

Alpine Bakery
295 Rucker Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30004-6678

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