Monday, September 14, 2009

Highlight #231: Favorite brunch - Restaurant: Canoe

It's good to be home, to be able to drive without fearing for my life, and to have wine whenever I want (okay, maybe not on Sundays, but still.) On Sundays, few places around town are as inviting as the garden of Canoe.

Let's not forget the food. These scones are not the dainty things found at a fancy afternoon tea. Each one is about the size of my whole hand and so tender and crumbly. My favorite of the four flavors (cheddar, raisin, ginger, and orange) is the ginger. Sweet, but not too sweet, it has a great little after bite from the ginger. The three kinds of spread that came with the scones were pretty great also. Of course, the honey butter stood out above both the quince and the fig.

Considering the richness of this brunch, it's wonderful that Canoe offers things in half portions. The half bowl of soup is just enough to satisfy, but not too much to kill the rest of the meal. After all, the stomach knows exactly how much cream is in that soup no matter what I try to tell it.

It's hard to believe what's in front of me is only a half portion of the signature pheasant and egg. It's very nice of Canoe to split this dish between Jenna and me. If you are not used to eating pheasant, you will love this as a first taste. The meat is off the bone and very tender. It could pass for any full flavored dark meat. The egg had a lovely runniness that made the whole mix even richer.

We ended the great meal with a chocolate caramel bomb. Our server told me to knock open the shell with the back of my spoon. My first attempt did nothing, so I went hard for the second try. As you can see, I was a little over zealous. It is quite a pleasure to watch the caramel ooze out though. Like everything else before it, it was very rich in the most satisfying way. We ate about a quarter of it and gave up. A wonderful wonderful brunch.

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