Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Highlight #239: Neighborhood fun place - Restaurant: Apres Diem

A few years back, Apres Diem was our neighborhood Friday night hangout. Then the hangout group went through some people shifts and we stopped going there. That is until this past week, when I was invited to birthday dinner/drinks in the AD courtyard with a new group. A few hours under the stars reminded me of all the good times. The wine list is not long here, but very drinkable. The food is not too fancy, but tasty enough. most of all, the atmosphere is always vibrant, even on a weeknight. Who can resist a happy place, not me.

My salmon looked quite messy, but had a nice warm and pink center. The sauce had enough ginger to clear sinuses, which was oddly addictive.

Most importantly, the birthday girl liked it all very much.

Apres Diem
931 Monroe Dr NE # C103
Atlanta, GA 30308-1778
(404) 872-3333

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