Sunday, September 20, 2009

Highlight #235: Another bakery in Napa - Bakery: Sweetie Pies

Bouchon is no double the most mentioned Napa bakery in food publications. But ask the locals and they will tell you that it's far from being the only or the best in town. One that is said to be superior is Sweetie Pies located in the middle of a section of charming renewed downtown shops on Main st.

I arrived at 8am seeking coffee and starch. While the cake display looked mighty tempting, I decided it was still a bit too early for so much sugar.

Instead, I took to the outdoor table a lemon poppy seed scone, a warm mug of cafe au lait, and a free copy of SF Chronicle. The slightly glazed scone lived up to all my expectations. A harder icing crusted shell was sweet but not too sweet and gave way to moist and soft crumb in the middle. Despite the large softball size, the scone went down with far less heft than one might have imagined. I shall be back for the cakes another time.

Sweetie Pie
520 Main St
Napa, CA 94559-3353
(707) 257-7280

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