Saturday, January 16, 2010

Highlight #276: Miller Union

Writing this post from Hong Kong makes me miss Atl immensely. Not that I don't eat well here. Hong Kong is for sure a foodie mecca. But living in Asia always requires more work. There is no going anywhere without navigating the people, the noise, the traffic... Anyway, you'll get to see some of that when I hit Singapore and finally upload the photos.

Miller Union was easy. Warm, cozy, and comfortable. Even the dishes carry on the feeling.

Poached egg in celery cream was a genius take on rich and creamy texture. Other than the slight lack of salt, we were all in love with it.

Foie with apple jelly succeeded on all fronts. In particular, the sweet/tart jelly perked up the taste buds.

My rabbit dish, despite not being recognizable as bunny, was well seasoned.

The herbal ice cream flavors of thyme, rosemary, and sage were assertive and lingering. The chocolate torte on the other hand was just meh.

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