Thursday, February 05, 2009

Highlight #140: Eat steak for free - Restaurant: Morton's

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I met more people who have recently lost their jobs in the last week than the last five years combined. But I met them all at food and drink places, so I guess, employed or not, people are still drinking and eating. This got me thinking about places where one is able to eat and drink well for very little or even free, and then, one place came to mind. Okay, maybe it didn't just come to mind, it almost knocked me over in the head.

The place is Morton's, more specifically the bar at Morton's in my work building downtown. It is definitely old school, awash in dark mahogany. But thanks to the steady tourist traffic, it is far from stuffy. The space is not big, but sizable enough to create a convivial environment right before dinner time. Order a drink, a cheap beer if you are short on cash, and hang out for a bit. Before you know it, someone from the kitchen will come out with a very large tray of hot sirloin sandwiches, which, today, almost knocked me off my bar stool. When I say sirloin sandwiches, I don't mean stale things made of odds and ends. I am talking about slices of medium rare sirloin in fluffy and buttery buns. Take as many as you'd like, they are FREE. Enjoy and laugh inside as you caress the cash still in your pocket.

Morton's Downtown
SunTrust Plaza Bldg.
Peachtree Center Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30308


Anonymous said...

i like this post :) your writing is catchy! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. if you have a picture of the art in your office i would love to post it on my blog. it sounds really awesome!

Dirty said...


As of last week, you can chock ol' Dirty up to one of the gang in need of a free steak sandwich!

Cool post.