Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Highlight #145: Best ice cream in town! - Restaurant: 4th and Swift

When I took this photo, I had no idea that the best ice cream in town is peeking at me from the other side of that biscotti. After my first taste, I was way too busy deciphering the flavors in my head and fending off girlfriend J's fork to worry about taking another. So all you see is the faintest outline of a third scoop here. But ice cream is not for looking, it is for lusting and gluttonous feasting and this one is definitely lust worthy and definitely for the gluttonous. :)

I've eaten a lot of ice cream and this is the first time I've encountered this flavor - salted macadamia brittle. Think B & J's chubby hubby and then switch out the pretzels for the aforementioned macadamia brittle and you get the idea. The macadamia pieces are huge and almost over saturate the ice cream. It is precisely this overabundance that shows the power of the tempering salt to bring everything into balance. The base ice cream is also very good and dense. I could feel the thick cream glide down my neck as it warmed.

Girlfriend J and I not only finished ever bit of it, we asked to get pints to go. At last, that's not available... This is not a regular flavor on their menu, so if you are interested, call ahead and see if they have it.

We, of course, didn't go just to eat the ice cream. Although, now I may just do that. On this slow Monday, we sat at the bar and snacked, which is one of our favorite things to do. We were both in the mood for fried something or another, so J ordered up the usual calamari. 4th and Swift does not serve the lighter rice flour coated version that I adore at Fritti. But theirs has its own charm. The crunch factor is higher from a slightly thicker breading, but not so thick that it takes on a life of its own and come apart from the main deal. The calamari itself was tender and tasted fresh.

One important thing to note in this economy is that all the bar "snacks" are quite big and all hover around the $10 mark. J and I got pretty full on two snack dishes and had enough to take home for another snack.

The large portion is easily evident in this veal schnitzel snack plate. The schnitzel is about the size of a large man's hand (I was going to use my own paw as measure, but then remember that most people have trouble visualize a woman with hands smaller than a 7 year old's... I found this out trying to buy gifts for my angel tree girl one Christmas. She was, in fact, bigger than me in every way. It was mildly disturbing to say the least...) The veal was tender, but could have use just a bit more salt in the breading. The runny egg on top was a superb addition to an already rich dish. I believe all this was around $11.

For the quality of food, The prices at the bar were quite good, especially if you end everything with a bowl of ice cream!!!!

4th & Swift

621 North Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30308


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