Friday, February 27, 2009

Highlight #148: No food there

While I am a firm believer that we should only love one person at a time, when it comes to other passions, I live by the rule of more is more. If you are reading this blog, you already know my professed love for all things food. But beyond that, I also love pretty things, particularly things I can wear. The reason that a blog dedicated to those things lag three years behind this one honoring food is really that of practicality. It's much more difficult to take photos of oneself without the help of another as opposed to clicking away at the ever posing food. Of course I am talking about my amateurish food photos, not those superbly composed ones of the skilled food bloggers.

This year, a partner in crime came along and "a tale of two styles" is born. Just like this blog, ATOTS is first and foremost a journal for the bloggers than a site dedicated to readers. But if you'd like, you are welcome to view the photos and read the story telling blurbs. One word of warning though, THERE IS NO FOOD THERE.

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