Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Highlight #142: What we are missing - Restaurant: Yoshi's (San Fran)

Someone said that Atlanta is a town with very few quality dining options in the middle price range. I am not sure if I complete agree with that. In the last four years, we have found more than a handful of places that provide just that. But if this someone had rephrased that statement to say that we don't have many quality Japanese options intown, I'd readily agree.

Of course I am not saying that we don't have reasonably priced Japanese places that I can go to any night of the week. But these places I can go, especially if I don't feel like going far from my intown neighborhood, don't have pristine uni or glistening fresh scallop, such as above, lying around for whenever I feel like it. In my part of town, the only place that I can think of that regularly serves both is MF Sushi.

Yoshi's in San Fran's Japantown is a regular stop for J and I when we visit. Without a reservation, we can just pop by and get a table on a Friday night when Yoshi's turns into a busy Jazz Lounge. We can start with some fresh sushi and then move into hot food like these sake steamed mushrooms and eggplants.

Then fill up on some grilled hamachi collar that showcases the fattiest part of the oil rich yellowtail.

If we have the parents in town, we'd also get some miso-glazed black cod, a favorite we had once gotten sick of eating in Hawaii.

And even score some perfectly cooked lamb to up our iron intake.

Best Japanese food in San Fran this is not. There are too many quality Japanese places in San Fran. But it has everything I desire. And for not having to plan ahead, it's a sweet spot. Let's hope we get more places like this in our town soon.

1330 Fillmore St
(between Eddy St & Ellis St)
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 655-5600

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