Saturday, June 20, 2009

Highlight #186: Don't hate the chain - Restaurant: Ted's

I am not a chain hater. There are some chains that do what they do very well and the fact that they bring good food to the masses is nothing but a plus. I have a particular soft spot for Ted's Montana Grill. My husband and I ate there quite a bit when we first moved down here to start his business up in Kennesaw. It was a part of my life changing experience, going from busy law firm life in NYC to hanging out with Suburban families on Barret Parkway, but I loved all of it.

Look at that plate. It's pure comfort and makes me sign every time. Nothing is extraordinary here, but it just warms the insides. The mashed potato is competently made to border chunky and creamy. The gravy is savory but not too salty. The pot roast is not pretty, but homey. And the green beans, well, there are green and crunchy. Good stuff, all of it.

We are finally off to the beach! I so needed this after not having a weekend off for over a month now...

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