Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Highlight #185: dreamy hummus - Restaurant: Olive Bistro

Continuing with the theme from the previous post, here is a shot of my favorite hummus in Atlanta. It looks much better in this to go container than it did in the dark displace case. In fact, nothing in the dim Olive Bistro display case looked especially good, but all were much more appealing in appearance once viewed in proper light.

I love this hummus for two simple reasons. One, it's incredibly creamy, probably from a good dose of tahini that ups the calorie value, but also the delicious factor. Two, it packs a punch of great tartness without going too far. Considering how many styles of hummus are out there, I am sure everyone has got their own favorite. On my scale, this one is as close to the top as I've found.

Olive Bistro
650 Ponce de Leon Ave. Suite 680A
Atlanta, GA 30308

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