Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hilight #181: Worth the price - Restaurant: Eats

Living across the street from Eats for years has failed to make us regulars. This does not speak poorly of the food quality. Rather, it's because we are just not take-out people. When we eat in, we cook. When we eat out, we want to leave the immediate vicinity of home.

Last Wednesday evening, Jason was again getting ready for a trip to Seattle. Normally, I try to send him off with a home cooked meal, but I was too late heading home and then I saw Eats. My one experience a year ago yield some pretty tasty food, so I made the difficult left turn into the parking lot (who decided to put an entrance right after a busy red light, so one can't turn at the light and then is inevitably blocked by the oncoming traffic?)

I went straight for the jerk chicken that the place is known for and rounded out our nutritional needs with a baked sweet potato, green beans, and collards. A salty cornbread of proper southern style came on the side. That's a lot of food for less than $8. Back home, we shared some of the jerk chicken. The aggressive seasoning on the skin caught me by surprise, while the meat underneath was very juicy and tender. When eaten in the proper proportion of skin to meat, the mix was down right addictive. The veggies were good as long cooked southern veggies go. My favorite was the sweet potato in the foil. So soft and sweet in its own juices, it almost tasted candied.

Considering that I have thought about this meal quite a few times this week, I'd say that we'll be doing take-out a bit more often.

600 Ponce De Leon Ave
Atlanta, GA 30308

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jimmy said...

yum, haven't been here in forever. thanks for reminding me.