Friday, June 26, 2009

Highlight #188: the one that everyone likes - Restaurant: Red Bar

Every time I asked for a must go place on the emerald isle, the red bar came up. So here I was, but not during the most popular drinking hours. I was there bright and early for breakfast.

From my quiet table on the back patio, I enjoyed the house special shrimp and crab omelet in the morning breeze. Plenty of shrimp and crab coexisted in this omelet and the red bar had no problem melting plenty of cheese onto the seafood combination. Equally cheesy grits stood up to the omelet and the very buttery biscuit. It's amazing that I didn't go promptly back to sleep after this loaded meal.
The sad truth is the little town of watercolor had much more fabulous macarons than the whole of Atlanta. These were found at Fabrice, a french bakery newly relocated to a charmingly street corner across from the Watercolor Inn. I had a hard time deciding between the raspberry/lemon and the lemon/chocolate bags. In retrospect, I should have just gotten them all. These were wonderful because of the perfect filling to macaron ratio. Delicate and delicious, they reminded me yet again why macarons are my hands down favorite.

I also took a slice of chocolate cake back to our guest condo for our afternoon coffee. Very intensely chocolaty, the flavor was spot on, but the cake layers were slightly too dense, bordering on being dry. Nonetheless, it made good accompaniment for a cup of black coffee.

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