Friday, October 02, 2009

Highlight #240: The best party of the year - V. Sattui

In 25 years, Dario Sattui went from borrowed equipments and a living room distribution to owning one of the most beautiful vineyard/winery in Napa. So when he invited us to an anniversary harvest ball, we couldn't say no.
The place was decked out with lights and champagne free flowed everywhere.

We took our drinks down to the cellar to check out what's to come in the near future.

Our beautiful place setting included 10 wine glasses, hinting at the over abundance of wine to come.

The menu was designed and executed by Michelin chef Stefano Masanti of Madesimo, Italy, who flew in with his team of 7 for the event.

A trout carpaccio started the eating. We drank an off dry gamay rouge with this. Pretty on pretty.

Followed by a pike burger paired with V. Sattui's 2006 Napa Valley Chard.

The savory courses climaxed with a super tender beef cheek. Served with it were V. Sattui cabs from 2005, 2004, and 1995 (the 25th year vintage).

A team of musicians and comedians entertained throughout the meal.

We finished with chocolate gelato served with three sauces that came in a 25th anniversary bottle box, which was subsequently filled with a bottle of port to take home.

After the food, we went on to dance the night away in one of the tasting rooms and drank even more V. Sattui wines.

This was definitely the BEST party of the year!

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