Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter bunny vs. Serta sheep

Easter is arguably the first food driven holiday of the year. In celebration, I staged a grand fight between the Easter bunny and the serta sheep. And. . . drum roll please. . . the Easter bunny won! Both were, however, severely injured during the fight and then devoured by yours truly.

The Easter bunny hailed from Henri's bakery located next to the Trader Joe's in Sandy Spring. A minimalist interior at this bright and sunny bakery allowed the goodies in the cases to speak for themselves and the Easter bunny practically jumped out at me. The serta sheep had a much different upbringing. It enjoyed a short life amongst a vast number of sophisticate pastries in The Little European bakery tucked into a small shopping center across the street from Henri's bakery. Considering their very different backgrounds, the two looked surprising alike in built and complexion.

The taste was what separated the two. The Easter bunny had a very soft and yielding incing layer that complemented a surprisingly moist crumb. The serta sheep's icing cracked a bit upon meeting the teeth and the cake center felt a bit dry on the tongue. What the cake did have was a great eggy flavor that shone through the sweetness of the icing.

Determining the winner wasn't the easiest decision as both were. . . eh . . . gone too fast for a second opinion. In retrospect, the decision was made purely based on the fact that Easter bunny's lightness would lead to larger quantity consumption of its kind.

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