Thursday, April 05, 2007

I am falling for Tradie Joe's

It's true that I absolutely adore the dark chocolate covered ginger. I am also not ashamed to admit that I licked the bowl after the last spoonful of creamy tomato and roasted peeper soup was gone. But these were merely manifestations of lust, not love. Love only began to blossomed when the cashier at the Sandy Springs Trader Joe's surprised me with this beautiful bouquet at check out because, just because that I made the 20 minute drive to pay a little visit and say that I appreciated them being there. So call me naive, but I may be falling for Trader Joe's for life.

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Jihan said...

I adore your blog! It's so funny you emailed me with the same compliments I feel bestowable upon your blog. I love your dress in the "Anni Dinner with E" blog. Tres Chic, non?
And for Trader Joe's, I am a huge fan myself. I go there every Saturday morning! Great frozen food, too. Did I just suggest that on a cuisine blog? Uh oh.....