Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A sexy bald man came to visit

J and I are blessed to have awesome friends trickling into our home a good part of the year. It's still a mystery how we are able to lure these busy people away from the big apple and sunny frisco to trek far south, many for the first time, to our adopted town of Atlanta. But whatever made them come, we are very grateful, especially when they bring along the sexiest bald man we've ever met.

Max Brenner, the ultimate bald man, came into our lives with the lovely couple G and S. Max gave life to the most insane morsels that summon, at once, the nostalgic warmth akin to that invoked by a piece of creamy caramel and the euphoria only an adult palate could experience from an intense square of dark chocolate. It took but one bite for me to declare that the bald man is here to stay in this house for a very very long time.

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