Saturday, April 14, 2007

He is perfect because he is mine

I never fully understood the depth of feeling embodied in that phrase until I stood back this morning to admire one adorable little baby - my very first at the ripe old age of 27. Chest swollen with love, I wanted to scream to the world "I've made a little baby macaron"!

He is perfect because he is mine! He doesn't have the most intense chocolate color, but I know he is chocolaty through and through. He has a few hairline cracks here and there, but I know he is beautifully chewy at heart. He has a less than plump filling, but I know the kaya buttercream surprises with an exotic pandan kick. Most of all, he is perfect because he is created by me, who has neither the artistry of Pierre Hermé nor the experience of Ladurée, but dares to try because I love macarons.

Don't you wish you are the lucky one getting this goodie bag filled with love? :)

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