Friday, April 13, 2007

The nibbler was defeated by a frito pie

Is frito pie a southern thing? I couldn't tell you, but I've never heard of it until coming to Atlanta. Here it has quite the following among the men at my office, and judging by the line at Gibney's lunch counter, quite a fan base among the male downtown office workers. So for those of you who don't know, a large scoop of chili over a bag of fritos makes good man eats.

There is no pretension on the Gibney's menu. The featured choices are chili dog, chili burger, chili over franks, frito pie, and chili smothered dog. After much pondering and one failed order, we finally figured out that the difference between chili over a frank and chili smothered dog lies in the bun. Chili over frank is simply that, chili over a frank, but smothering apparently cannot happen unless the frank is inside a bun. Duh!

I ordered my first frito pie and found out that frito pie is not good eats for a nibbler. You see the chili was quite watery and began to turn the fritos into a mushy mess as soon as it was ladled on. I now see how this bowl separates a man from a nibbler. You either possess the ability to wolf down all the chili and fritos in record speed or deal with a bowlful of very soggy and shapeless frito remains. The nibbler had none of the skills and was proven utterly unmanly. Can't say I am entirely unhappy about the defeat. :)

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