Monday, January 05, 2009

Highlight #126: friends are wonderful! - Restaurant: Town (San Carlos)

I really feel the value of this blog when friends take the time to show us places that they love and feel at home in. This happened on NYE when we dropped in on A and M at their beautiful new home in San Carlos. M not only welcomed us warmly, she took the trouble to make a reservation for us to have lunch at one of their local favorites - Town.

The place was buzzing on this holiday afternoon and most patrons were drinking something happy. The lunch combo of an appetizer and an entree looked like a good deal, so we all went for it. My starter was the daily special tortilla soup that was just the thing on this cold and gloomy day. Perked up with plenty of tomatillo, the soup warmed me from within.

For entree, M suggested that I try something with the roasted chicken, which Town apparently does well. Enchiladas seemed the unlikely choice to show off the chicken, but it called out to me. You know what, it was not a mistake. Soft, juicy, and creamy, the chicken filling comforted like my favorite fur blanket. The tangy sauce lightly applied kept boredom at bay. This was a winning dish from all angles.

We ended the meal with a fairly standard sounding warm chocolate cake that was executed well. And, of course, I went all out for the strawberry ice cream as always.

As we walk out, J and I felt all toasty and happy from a simple yet lovely meal with equally down to earth and incredibly lovely friends. The meal provided exactly what we needed to remember 2008 by, friendship and warmth.

716 Laurel Street
San Carlos, CA 94070
(650) 595-3003

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