Monday, January 19, 2009

Highlight #133: Softest tongue - food counter: Chicago Supermercado

Be prepared for some staring and be ready to answer questions about any camera activity if you plan to eat and photograph here and have little Spanish language skills. Being one who cares little about such things when food is involved, I felt just fine. I pointed my way to a stuffed gordita and a tongue taco.

Not able to understand what the lady was saying about the gordita with a concerned look on her face, I ordered it based on appearance. After one bite I got what she was concerned about.

The gordita was stuffed with a softened version of these, fried skin. :) If you are like me and love your gelatinous substance full of collagen (awesome anti aging stuff), then order on! Topped with cheese, the skin was soft and gooey enough to cut with a plastic spoon when the bottom fell out of my gordita. If you are not a fan of slippery filling, then try the plain cheese kind. It's highly recommended by the Blissful Glutton, who obviously knows her south of the border food much better than me.

Out of the meat choices for taco, I chose my favorite, tongue. And boy, was this one done well. Lady J, who I dragged along on this adventure, made the observation that there must have been about 8 oz of meat in this taco. I am no good with measurements, but I agree with her that it's not puny. Instead of one salsa, I loaded on all three available and liked the avocado infused one the best. That aside, the undisputed star of this taco was the tongue. The texture is what's best about well-prepared tongue. Incredibly soft and just very slightly spongy, it is actually quite mild yet beefy and is great for soaking up the salsa. If you are not offended by the idea of eating tongue or weren't told that you were eating tongue, you'd more than likely like this. The handmade tortilla sold at the market held up just beautifully under the weight of all that meat.

Overall, this was a great spot for a quick bite, but not a place to linger for long, especially when one's camera activity arouse much suspicion all around from the workers as well as the customers.

Chicago Supermercado
5263 Buford Hwy NE
Doraville, GA 30340
(770) 452-1361

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