Saturday, January 31, 2009

Highlight #137: Sweet spot - Bakery: Sweet Pockets

While we've gained a number of new comers like Serpa in the Irwin st. area, we've also lost a few. One of them is Sweet Pockets, a cupcake only bakery in the Irwin Street market. Incidentally, a new cupcake place had taken its space, so I suppose cupcakes live on in our neighborhood.

My first taste of Sweet Pocket's cupcake was over a year ago, when I happen to stroll into the market one day and found the minis adorable. This week I got to taste it again at my friend's pre-book launch workshop hosted at Sweet Pocket's new location near the Old Vining Inn. Three types of minis were offered (red velvet, happy monkey, and a third that I didn't try and can't remember the name) to help absorb the ample bubbly we were given. I went straight for the happy monkey, which was proven a most wise move. Peanut butter flavored buttercream (I am brave and trusted that Lenora, the talented baker/owner, had sourced the good stuff) brought to the cupcake a welcomed saltiness. And the cake itself was very very moist with loose crumbs. Considering that the mini is about the size of a large man's thumb, the moistness of the cake showed much care on the part of the baker. These were clearly created for folks with a lighter taste in sweets. If dense center and cream cheese frosting is your thing, you'd be better off trying the minis at the Highland Bakery, which are much heavier, but not really fresher or moister in my opinion. However, if you like something airy yet satisfying, Sweet Pockets will hit your sweet spot.

Sweet Pockets
4338 Paces Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA 30339

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June Shin said...

The third was the cookies and cream. Their best seller. Good times!