Saturday, May 09, 2009

Highlight #172: pleasant and comfortable - Restaurant: Leon's full service

The restaurant business is tough. Almost everyday, I hear news about some place closing. But there is one formula that almost seems immune to the times and that's the formula of a down to earth pub, a place where people go either alone or with a group, whether to celebrate or to sulk. In Decatur, there has always been the Brickstore. If I don't tell my husband J where to go, he automatically drives in its direction. But now, just a few doors down, there is a fresher and sunnier option.
Continuing the meat and starch theme, we also asked for the currywurst. For some reason, J expected the curry to be in the wurst itself. :) Maybe we are really due that trip with our favorite friends to Germany so he can eat some proper wursts. No one serves the whites I like here.

Then there are the pub fries. They are a few shades darker than the usual, but are not burnt. The taste is pleasant and nice, just like all the other food here. It's not the best I've ever had, but it is nonetheless satisfying. Combining the pleasantness of the food with the comfort of an excellently airy place to drink, Leon's full service is nothing short of the winning formula.

Leon's Full Service
131 E Ponce de Leon Ave | Decatur, Georgia

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