Sunday, May 17, 2009

Highlight #176: Transformation of eggs straight from the hens

Some weeks ago, I raved about the almost orange yokes of farm fresh eggs in China. C's lovely mom read the post and decided that I must try the excellent eggs from her own hens. So carefully carting of the eggs from her home in Louisiana to Atlanta and then via her son-in-law to the office resulted in one extraordinary quiche this weekend.

I understand that not everyone is visually taken with the sight of poop and feather clung to their breakfast, but there is no denying the message of these signs - these eggs are as close to the hen as they come.

Further indication of the eggs quality became apparent when the yokes were revealed. Check out that color! That's definitely quite a few shades darker than what I'd get at whole foods.

The deep yoke color translated very well into a gloriously golden quiche. Even J, who is not used to noticing specific flavors, noted the superbly intense egg taste of this quiche, once again proving that the quality of the ingredients elevate simple dishes to new heights.

Thanks to all for making this awesome brunch possible!

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